Caron Johnson Reflexology in Bishop's Stortford

Reflexology and Indian Head Massage are wonderfully relaxing therapies that can be used for nothing more than helping you to unwind and restore balance to the body's systems, thus helping you to stay and feel well. However, they are particularly effective at addressing the following:

Relieving/ reducing pain in conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia
Headaches, TMJ, eye strain and sinusitis
Constipation and IBS symptoms
Anxiety and its associated symptoms e.g. poor sleep, low energy, mood swings
Poor immunity i.e. frequent infections and difficulty in shaking them
Imbalances in female hormones that may be causing PMS, infertility or unpleasant symptoms as you enter the menopause

In addition there is increasing awareness that these therapies can be very beneficial for children and adults who have Autism, OCD, Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD), attention and hyperactive disorders.

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